“Put aside the physical pain, Chiropractic care has really affected my emotional health as well. I went from a bleak outlook on how I felt to feeling more optimistic about my quality of life.”-Laura M

“I never stopped “doing things.” I can do the things I enjoy knowing that I’m not going to regret it later with pain, which takes it to a new level of enjoyment!”-Laura M

“Chiropractic care helps me continue to do what I love- teach Zumba classes.”-Emily F

“I am much more relaxed with Chiropractic care. My sleep patterns are better and improved mental health.”-William G

“Wonderful atmosphere and care. Great scheduling flexibility.”-William G

“We seem to be the only family in our area who did not come down with any illness this winter.”-Tracy W

“I can tell when it’s time for my adjustment. Afterwards, I feel lighter and any pain or discomfort is gone.”-Tracy W

“There has been a big improvement in my son’s ADHD. I have before and after handwriting samples and there is marked improvement. One of his teachers told me she can tell a big difference after he’s been adjusted.”-Tracy W

“My family and friends notice I have been able to do more and have been more happy.”-Morgan K

“Dr. Ron and Dr. Nate are absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t be walking right if they hadn’t taken the time to actually care for my well-being.”-Morgan K

“I wouldn’t think about stopping chiropractic care.”-Sandra M

“Chiropractic care should be a necessity for everyone.”-Sandra M

“Chiropractic care has improved my health greatly. The mix of physical adjustment and changes in diet/lifestyle (recommended by the doctors) have made a big difference in my level of pain, health and general happiness.”-Erika M

“I have the desire and energy to do more things!”-Erika M

“THANK YOU! For caring, for thinking outside the box, and for persisting and believing I could get better. You gave me hope.”-Erika M

“Since starting Chiropractic care I have worked past severe panic attacks and anxiety (still works in progress of course!)”-Katy C

“Chiropractic care is one of the key components of my physical and mental health. I would highly recommend Dr.’s Ron and Nate.”-Anthony C

“Very cool, smart, healthy place and wonderful people”-Anthony C

“I really appreciate everything that this place offers the community. Thank you.”-Anthony C

“We are lucky to have Dr. Ron taking care of our son’s needs!”-Tammy T

“Dr. Ron has a wealth of knowledge he has shared with us each visit!”-Tammy T

“I am more willing to try other non-medical interventions.”-Mark G

“My workouts are longer and stronger.”-Lee T

“Everyone is so friendly and really wants to help.”-Lee T

“I am now able to work out, play guitar, and cello; like I used to before my accident.”-Thomas W

“Chiropractic has helped my entire family with everything from recovery from a broken ankle, to back health, bed wetting, and allergies.”-Chris K

“I appreciate your dedication to wellness and doing things naturally.”-Joe R

“Allowing the body to optimize its capability and heal itself is much better than the instant gratification of medications that have a number of side-effects.”-Amanda O

“My spine feels like it is waking up. Combined with yoga I can sense much more about my spine.”-Jennifer I

“I didn’t know my range of motion in my neck was so bad until I started getting adjustments and my driving improved.”-Aaron O

“A proactive life that includes chiropractic is the only life!”-Jamie B

“The stress of infertility has been replaced by the joy of pregnancy and anticipation of becoming a mom!”-Sara H

“I am thankful for the personalized care I get from everyone at the office. It is comforting to know that I have healthcare professionals in my life that truly care about my concerns and health.”-Sara H

“I don’t have to manage my back pain with medications anymore. I trust Dr. Ron with my life and my family’s well being!”-Ryan M

“Our eyes have been opened to looking at our family’s health and wellness from a new perspective and we are beginning to re-evaluate decisions we make going forward.”-Mary S

“We wish we would have discovered or explored the benefits of Chiropractic care before we had our children, but are so thankful to be aware going forward.”-Mary S

“We are happy to have you as a Dr. that we can trust and is on the same page as we are and feel confident in placing our children under your care.”-Rachelle J

“I feel younger and physically stronger. The aches and pains I had are gone!”-Ruth H

“Thank you for the opportunity to become a better me! I trust you.”-Susan B

“I have more energy, less stiffness. I awake more rested. I rarely need to take Advil which I took frequently prior to chiropractic care.”-Judy M

“It wasn’t until I was feeling better that I realized how bad I felt. Tell the Dr. about ALL of your concerns. You may not realize how many concerns can be corrected with proper care. Speak up!”-Lee T

“As a result of the adjustements you made on my wrists, I was able to throw the best ever on Thursday night in softball. Thank you!” -Carly A.

I sought help from 2 chiropractors, 2 physical therapists, and a shaman (not really) before seeing Dr. Ron Robinson and NOTHING helped!!! Thanks Ron!!!!!!!! Mwa! -Kelly R.

I have noticed fewer problems with daily activities. Thank you for your persistence in solving some of my chronic pain problems. I look forward to regular visits to help keep everything aligned and working properly! -Nancy F.

It’s a healing experience just being there. The people are great. The ambience in general is very soothing. Light but not boring music, nice decor, and of course the lending library! Embrace it- it will help you. Listen to the nutritional advice as well; over time you will experience the benefits. -Susan B.

My hands don’t fall asleep at work or at night, headaches are rare, & more improvement in my neck. Its nice to live without pain. Dr. Ron and his staff have a genuine care & concern for his paitents. I’m not just another number that gets run through. He takes time to care for his patients and I really appreciate that. Don’t be without it! I would hate to see where I would be without it. Your health is worth it! -Daryl S.